Company History

Mitra Tani Sejati (MTS) was founded in 1990 as storing, processing and trading company, sourced from local farms nearby. We relied mostly on domestic demand of people's consumption and animal feed milling which were important in the developing years of Indonesia hottest economy era.

From 1990 until 2018 the population in Indonesia has grown from 180 million to 266 million. In the same period, MTS has grown from strength to strength, supplying the demand of a growing agricultural nation. Slowly over the years We strategized ourselves to focus in our strong commodities, which are yellow corn (maize) for feed milling, green bean (also called moong, mung, or dhal in other regions), and coffee bean.

Having survived the Asian financial crisis in 1997-1998, we have come out stronger to face adversities and uncertainties in the future. Under the guidance of our current CEO, Andy Mok, we are expanding and continually pushing our effort to maximize productivity in this labor-intensive industry.

Agriculture holds an important position in Indonesia economy status as food products exporter to Asia and the world in general. It contributes 13.5% of national export budget in 2015. With many potential areas left untapped Indonesia still relies heavily on agriculture sector exports, beside manufacturing and services areas as main provider. MTS is committed to support our GDP growth through agricultural export by 4% per year.

2018 is the year when we want to increase our effort in marketing our company to a wider range of international consumers. There are a lot of worldwide demand of our agricultural products, such as rice, palm oil, rubber, cocoa, etc, which only reminds us of the vast potential of agricultural industry in Indonesia. Thus, we named our website "Agraria" because we are always rooted in our agricultural business.

Company Profile

We are specializing in green mung beans (also called moong or dhal, Vigna Radiata), and coffee beans. They are rated export quality during the season. Our beans are naturally grown without being modified genetically or contaminated by synthetic pesticides. Moreover, they are grown on fertilized soil with volcanic ash that contains enriched minerals and organic compound.

Through almost 3 decades of operation, the company remains managed under tightly controlled family business which prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Since Indonesia government has set goal of self-sufficiency in food production by 2020, we are ramping up production to fulfill each and every areas in need of food produces. MTS is expanding with strong government support towards agricultural products trading, especially export.

We are also looking forward to diversify our products portfolio. You are always welcome to contact us for trading proposition.